Sport cars

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Sport cars

Post by Victoracing » Sun Mar 25, 2018 12:40 pm

Sometimes I read a comment and just say "Yeah" I wish I could have put that feeling into words.
Peter Egan, Satch Carlson, and Brock Yates immediately come to mind.

This one is from Burdy, on Bring-A-Trailer.
"Some of us enjoy driving uninhibited, lightweight, tactile, 3 pedal machines that you can work on in your garage and keep running for years on end with no help needed from dealer support. We don't want electronics controlling, intervening or being the intermediary between driver and car…"


and this, also from BaT…

To paraphrase Peter Egan (@elroyguy), a man is never closer to god than when he’s taken a forlorn, disassembled hulk of a worn-out race car and made it to run and drive again.


one more sip from the BaT well … Seller has a Bugeye Sprite on auction

55Spyder (The Seller)
Thanks for the comments. It’s like my 64 Dart; everybody has had one or knew someone who had one. This was a project that I will not get to. I thought it would be a great car for my grand kids but I was told that it doesn’t have USB, Sirius, airbags or cruise control. Unfortunately it has the millennial anti theft devise called a clutch. It will make a fun project for someone.

the Registry guy,
Gary Cossaboon

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